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Agenda Highlights for PM-Biden Meeting: Predator Drones, Jet Engine Deal, and 6G Spectrum

The upcoming bilateral meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden, set to take place at the President’s residence, is poised to make substantial progress on several key matters, according to Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor of the United States. Sullivan highlighted various significant issues on the agenda, including discussions related to the GE jet engine deal, the acquisition of predator drones, 5G and 6G spectrum allocation, collaboration in the realm of critical and emerging technologies, and advancements in civil nuclear cooperation.

Sullivan refrained from confirming reports suggesting that the US was preparing to announce a substantial railway project involving India and several Arab nations, aiming to establish a rail network connecting Gulf countries and other Arab states. Nevertheless, he emphasized that the United States has dedicated substantial efforts to this initiative in partnership with its allies. Sullivan emphasized the importance of enhanced connectivity between India, the Middle East, and Europe, emphasizing the substantial economic and strategic benefits it could bring to the involved nations. However, he remained cautious about making specific announcements at this stage.

When queried about the possibility of a joint statement by G20 member countries, Sullivan declined to make predictions but expressed the US’s readiness to contribute to such an endeavor. He emphasized the need for all countries to demonstrate responsibility and constructive engagement to achieve a joint statement, emphasizing that it was too early to ascertain the outcome.

Sullivan pointed out that potential stumbling blocks in reaching a consensus among G20 members include Ukraine and climate-related issues. He noted that some oil-producing countries are seeking specific language in climate discussions, while others advocate for more ambitious goals. Sullivan also raised concerns about China’s attempts to link access to technology with climate change discussions. He criticized the idea of leveraging climate issues against unrelated priorities, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the climate crisis independently and not as a bargaining tool.

Sullivan stressed that the US is unwilling to engage in games that link climate action to unrelated matters, both within the G20 context and in broader international discussions. He expressed confidence that other countries share this perspective and are committed to addressing climate change without allowing it to be used as a political tool.

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