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Former Russian President Warns of Nuclear Response if Ukraine Seizes “Russian Land”

Russia’s former president, Dmitry Medvedev, issued a stark warning on Sunday, stating that if Ukraine’s counteroffensive proves successful and Kyiv gains control of what Russia perceives as “Russian land,” Moscow would resort to using nuclear weapons. The warning came via Medvedev’s English Twitter/X account, where he used a derogatory Russian term to smear Ukrainian nationalists.

The former president referred to the illegally annexed parts of Ukraine, which Russia claims as its own territory since 2014, as a potential trigger for nuclear action. He pointed to a presidential degree from June 2, 2020, suggesting that such a scenario could lead to the use of nuclear weapons as a response.

Medvedev emphasized that Russia’s armed forces are actively defending their citizens and homeland while simultaneously working to prevent a global conflict. As the 18-month mark of Russia’s war on Ukraine approaches, he called for recognition and admiration of Russian warriors for their role in maintaining a barrier against the escalation of global nuclear tensions.

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