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Kyiv Under Siege: Russian Forces Utilize Iranian-Made Shahed Drones in Recent Attacks

On August 2, the Kyiv City Military Administration revealed that Russian forces had initiated a series of attacks on Kyiv using Iranian-made Shahed drones. The administration communicated this information through Telegram.

Responding promptly, Ukrainian air defense systems successfully intercepted and neutralized nearly a dozen of these aerial threats as they approached the city. The scale of the attack mirrored a similar assault carried out on the previous day, as stated by Serhiy Popko, the head of the administration.

Fortunately, no casualties or damages have been reported at this time. However, authorities are diligently assessing the overall impact of the attack to determine its full extent.

Residents in Kyiv experienced a three-hour aerial alert as a result of these drone strikes. Disturbingly, this marked the 820th alert since the full-scale invasion by Russian forces began in February 2022.

Adding to the concern, the night prior to this latest attack, Kyiv also faced a drone strike launched by Russian forces. During that incident, the Kyiv City Military Administration reported successfully shooting down over 10 drones. However, the debris from these downed drones caused damage to administrative buildings in the Solomianskyi and Sviatoshynskyi districts, according to Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko’s statement.

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