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Over 40 Million Selfies Shared on Government Portal During Har Ghar Tiranga Initiative

The official Har Ghar Tiranga website, overseen by the central government, has amassed a staggering count of over 40 million self-portraits contributed by individuals across the nation, as reported on the website itself. This extensive initiative spans from August 13th to 15th, aligning with India’s observance of its 77th Independence Day. The call to action was initially made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging the populace to partake in this endeavor in advance of the principal Independence Day festivities. Through a message communicated via social media, the Prime Minister encouraged citizens to adopt the national flag as their profile picture on social platforms, marking it as a distinctive prelude to the significant occasion.

Har Ghar Tiranga’s website prominently displays the data, showcasing that the government has taken receipt of a remarkable 43,644,013 (approximately 4.3 million) images showcasing individuals with the Tricolour emblem. Notably, the website’s front page has been restructured to accommodate a dedicated feature enabling users to seamlessly upload their self-captured snapshots.

Upon accessing the portal, users are presented with two distinct choices: uploading a photograph featuring themselves alongside the flag or alternatively displaying a digital rendition of the Tiranga flag.

Further down the page, users will find an array of photographs featuring Union ministers, prominent actors, and accomplished sportspersons proudly posing with the Indian flag.

In conjunction with the Har Ghar Tiranga campaign, this year’s second Independence Day celebration within the Amrit Kal (the era of freedom) will encompass a variety of events spanning a week. Among these, solemn processions are scheduled for Partition Day on August 14th, a day of remembrance marking the anguish of India’s Partition and paying tribute to those who endured the violence during that turbulent period.

Highlighting the commemorative event, nearly 1,800 distinguished guests hailing from all corners of India will be in attendance at the iconic Red Fort in Delhi to witness Prime Minister Modi’s flag-hoisting ceremony on Independence Day.

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