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Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki Proposes Referendum Regarding Irregular Migration

Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has expressed his intent to organize a referendum concerning irregular migration. This referendum will inquire whether citizens are in favor of admitting irregular migrants in line with the European Union’s relocation initiative.

Morawiecki disclosed his proposal for the referendum, scheduled for October 15, concurrently with the nation’s parliamentary elections. He made this announcement through a newly released video on social media during the past weekend. The video contained visuals depicting incidents of unrest, including burning cars and street violence in Western European locations.

The referendum’s query will read: “Do you endorse the acceptance of unauthorized immigrants from the Middle East and Africa through the compelled relocation process enforced by the European bureaucratic system?”

The video footage showcases an unsettling scene of an individual, of Black ethnicity, displaying a large knife in a manner that suggests potential criminal intent.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, then questions: “Do you desire this scenario to unfold in Poland as well? Do you wish to relinquish control over our nation?”

The video alludes to the likelihood that the PiS party will incorporate migration as a campaign topic, echoing a strategy that proved successful in their ascension to power in 2015.

In June, European Union interior ministers endorsed a proposal to distribute responsibility for refugees and migrants who enter Europe without proper documentation—a matter that has long been a contentious issue within the bloc.

Poland was previously neither an entry nor a destination point for individuals seeking refuge during the peak of Europe’s refugee crisis. However, this stance shifted in 2021 when the country found itself at the forefront of the crisis as people endeavored to enter Europe via Belarus and Poland’s borders.

European authorities interpreted this influx as a tactic employed by Belarus, a Russian ally, aimed at inciting turmoil in Poland and neighboring European nations. In swift response, Poland erected a substantial barrier along its border with Belarus to prevent unauthorized entry.

Following Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, Poland became a host to over a million Ukrainian refugees, primarily from the white and Christian demographic. Morawiecki’s party has explicitly expressed concerns, viewing individuals from diverse cultures, including Ukrainians, as potential challenges to the nation’s cultural identity and security.

The video also targets Donald Tusk, leader of the Civic Platform and a former European Council president. Morawiecki characterizes Tusk as a significant security risk, particularly to Poland, asserting that he operates as a representative of Brussels’ elite and could undermine the nation’s security.

In addition to the migration-related question, the PiS party has unveiled two other inquiries for voters. One query seeks opinions on privatizing state-owned enterprises, while the other inquires about support for raising the retirement age. The retirement age had been lowered to 60 for women and 65 for men by the Law and Justice party.

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