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Russia Asserts Ukraine’s Military Capacities Nearing Depletion

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu remarked on Tuesday that Ukraine’s military capabilities were nearing depletion, a statement made as Kyiv continues an arduous counteroffensive aimed at reclaiming previously lost territories.

Speaking at a security conference held in Moscow, Sergei Shoigu pointed out that despite receiving comprehensive support from Western nations, Ukraine’s armed forces have struggled to achieve substantial progress. “Based on the initial outcomes of the hostilities, it is evident that Ukraine’s military resources are on the verge of exhaustion,” he asserted.

Furthermore, he emphasized that Western weaponry holds no inherent uniqueness and remains susceptible to the might of Russian arms on the battlefield.

Kyiv initiated its long-anticipated counteroffensive in June, encountering formidable resistance as it endeavors to breach heavily fortified Russian positions. While Ukraine has reported advancements in the vicinity of the war-ravaged city of Bakhmut in its eastern region, Russia has declared progress around the town of Kupiansk in the northeastern Kharkiv region.

Sergei Shoigu’s statements were delivered during the Moscow Conference on International Security, where Russia extended invitations to representatives from more than 100 nations. Notably, Western countries were not included in the list of attendees.

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