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Russian Drones Target Kyiv Amid Weekend Tragedy for Aid Workers

In the midst of a harrowing night, Ukrainian officials reported a relentless aerial assault on Kyiv by numerous Russian drones, lasting for a grueling two-hour period. Simultaneously, tragic news emerged of two foreign aid workers losing their lives in a missile strike in eastern Ukraine on Sunday.

The tranquility of the early Sunday morning in the capital was shattered by thunderous explosions that reverberated across Kyiv’s landscape. Ukrainian authorities disclosed that debris from the aerial onslaught fell in several central districts of the city, causing damage to a number of vehicles. Kyiv’s Mayor, Vitali Klitschko, sadly confirmed one person sustained injuries during these attacks.

In a grim account of the events, Serhiy Popko, the head of Kyiv’s city military administration, conveyed on the Telegram messaging app that the drones descended upon the capital in organized groups, arriving from various directions. Tragically, the wreckage from one of these drones initiated a fire within an apartment. Ukraine’s Land Forces responded valiantly, managing to neutralize 25 out of the 32 Iranian-made Shahed drones launched by Russia.

In a separate and equally tragic incident, four volunteers associated with the Road to Relief NGO found themselves trapped inside a van that was overturned and set ablaze by Russian artillery fire near the town of Chasiv Yar. The NGO, dedicated to evacuating wounded individuals from front-line areas, shared this devastating account on their Instagram page.

The toll from this incident was heart-wrenching. Canadian aid worker Anthony Ihnat lost his life in the attack, leaving behind a void within the humanitarian community. German medical volunteer Ruben Mawick and Swedish volunteer Johan Mathias Thyr sustained severe injuries, highlighting the perilous conditions under which these dedicated individuals operate. Tragically, Spanish authorities later confirmed the passing of the van’s fourth passenger, 32-year-old Emma Igual, a Spanish national who served as the organization’s director.

These sobering events underscore the ongoing strife and human suffering in Ukraine, a nation facing relentless challenges in its pursuit of peace and stability.

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