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Rythu Bandhu Scheme: Telangana Govt Releases Rs 7720 Crore For 70 Lakh Farmers

The latest installment of the ‘Rythu Bandhu’ scheme, amounting to Rs 7,720.29 crore, has been disbursed by the Telangana government for the Vanakalam season of 2023-24. This initiative is expected to benefit around 70 lakh farmers as the funds have been successfully deposited into their bank accounts on Monday.

The overall contribution made by the Rythu Bandhu scheme now stands at a significant sum of Rs 72,910 crore, emphasizing its substantial support to farmers and the promotion of agricultural productivity.

This year, the scheme has extended its reach to an additional 5 lakh beneficiaries, including 1.5 lakh Podu farmers who possess around four lakh acres of Podu lands. Consequently, compared to previous disbursements, the government will incur an additional burden of approximately Rs 300 crore to accommodate these new beneficiaries.

To facilitate a smooth disbursement process, Agriculture Minister S Niranjan Reddy advised first-time beneficiaries of the Rythu Bandhu scheme to provide their bank account details to local agriculture officials.

The distribution of funds based on the acreage of land holdings remains the established practice, ensuring that the assistance is proportionate and reaches farmers accordingly.

Highlighting Telangana’s commitment to supporting farmers, Minister Niranjan Reddy stated that the state stands out as the only one in the country providing Rs 10,000 per acre, twice a year, as assistance to farmers. This dedicated approach towards farmers’ welfare is evident through various initiatives such as Rythu Bima (farmers’ insurance), uninterrupted supply of quality and free electricity, and continuous water availability for irrigation. These efforts underscore Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s unwavering dedication to the well-being of farmers and the overall growth of the agricultural sector.

The minister further highlighted the positive impact of completed projects and increased cultivation due to the availability of irrigation water, primarily resulting from the construction of the Kaleshwaram project. These developments have led to a remarkable surge in paddy production in Telangana.

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