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Silent Suffering: Violence Against Kuki Women in Manipur

Amidst the ongoing ethnic clashes and insurgency in Manipur, a dark and distressing issue has come to the forefront – the harrowing violence faced by Kuki women. These incidents of violence against Kuki women have raised serious concerns over the safety, rights, and wellbeing of women in the region. Despite the gravity of the situation, these atrocities have largely remained unnoticed, hidden beneath the veil of conflict and instability.

Targeted Violence and Systematic Abuse:

Kuki women, belonging to one of the significant ethnic groups in Manipur, have been subjected to various forms of violence, including physical assault, sexual abuse, and emotional trauma. These incidents are often perpetrated by armed groups involved in the ongoing insurgency and ethnic clashes. Such violence is a part of their strategic attempts to assert dominance over rival groups and instill fear among the local population.

Women and girls have been subjected to horrifying experiences, such as rape, abduction, forced labor, and even killings. These acts not only violate their fundamental human rights but also inflict lasting psychological scars, leading to severe emotional distress and long-term trauma.

Displacement and Vulnerability:

The violence against Kuki women has further exacerbated the displacement crisis in Manipur. As the conflicts escalate, families often find themselves forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in safer areas. The displacement camps, however, offer little solace or protection for Kuki women who face the risk of gender-based violence even in these supposed safe havens.

In the absence of adequate security measures and proper facilities, Kuki women living in these camps are highly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Lack of access to education and healthcare further compounds their hardships, leaving them with limited avenues to escape the vicious cycle of violence and marginalization.

Underreported and Ignored:

The violence against Kuki women in Manipur has largely remained underreported and overlooked, drawing minimal attention from authorities and the mainstream media. The volatile security situation and the reluctance of victims to come forward due to social stigma have contributed to the silent suffering of these women.

Efforts to document and address these incidents are hampered by the complex nature of the conflict and the remote locations where many of these atrocities occur. This lack of documentation and acknowledgment further hinders the pursuit of justice and accountability for the perpetrators.

Call for Action:

As the world’s attention remains largely focused on the broader conflict in Manipur, the plight of Kuki women must not be forgotten. There is an urgent need for comprehensive measures to protect the rights of women and ensure their safety and dignity.

Local and national authorities must prioritize the issue of violence against Kuki women and take concrete steps to investigate and hold perpetrators accountable. Collaborative efforts between government agencies, civil society organizations, and community leaders are crucial to creating safe spaces and support systems for survivors.

Furthermore, the international community must also play an active role in monitoring the situation and advocating for the protection of women’s rights in Manipur. Human rights organizations and concerned nations can extend support and resources to address the root causes of violence and foster an environment conducive to peace and stability.


The violence against Kuki women in Manipur is a deeply concerning issue that demands immediate attention and action. As the state grapples with the wider ethnic clashes and insurgency, it is crucial not to overlook the vulnerable women who suffer in silence. Addressing their plight and ensuring their safety and wellbeing will require a collective effort from all stakeholders, both within Manipur and beyond, to build a future where women can live without fear and violence, and where their rights are upheld and protected.

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